Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Back to reality...

Hello everyone.   I am back.   I have been back for about 5 days and am just now starting to get my head screwed on straight.   You know... laundry, groceries, the job and oh Christmas.   Mac and I were pretty diligent this weekend, getting food in the fridge; clean clothes in the closet; suit cases put away; and Christmas decorations put up.   I am pretty proud of all we did all while battling jet lag. 

I am pretty excited about the holidays, probably because I was SO homesick during Thanksgiving.   We don't have much time left to accomplish all of our holiday plans but I am pretty sure what we actually decide to do won't consist of visiting any horrific shopping malls and honestly it is a relief.

We have made a list of Christmas goodies we are going to make and have planned on just staying home and making cookies and candy for an entire weekend.   Now, that sounds fun... doesn't it?

I know, I am behind on my trip updates... I will get those taken care of pronto!

P.S. Image above is from a cool blog called bluebison.net where you can print off all sorts of cool coloring pages for you or your kiddos.