Tuesday, January 11, 2011


 Found on Etsy... original drawing by bluebicicletta

Well it is a typical January for me... resolutions, fresh starts and goals.   I have been working on my list... it is a bit different this year... can't really add "lose weight" to my list of resolutions and my need to clean and fix my house is in OVERDRIVE.   Poor mac I might just drive him nuts with all of the task lists, increasing Goodwill piles and urge to make everything pretty.  

Now... what about resolutions.     Here are mine:

1)  Learn and perfect a puff pastry recipe.  This my friends is the most versatile dough in the universe.   Just ask the pregnant woman who is constantly pulling dough out of her freezer for last minute cinnamon rolls or cheater pains au chocolat.  (Note if you make those sticky buns make sure not to cook them for 30 minutes... start checking them at 20 minutes, 30 minutes is WAY too long).

2)  Have more dinner parties.

3)  Finish all house projects.

4)  Bake bread every week.

5)  Take a class.

6)  Can something every month as part of the Can Jam.

7)  Make and use a compost pile.

8)  Build a coop and get some chickens (?).

9)  Clean out and PURGE every closet, drawer and room (including Mac's storage unit).

10)  Figure out how to maintain a sourdough starter without having to feed it more than my dog.

11) Learn to cook Indian food, that isn't Tika Masala.

12) Cook more tofu.

13) Create some new holiday traditions.   Do you all have any good traditions?

14) Do some group wine classes.

I think that sounds good... and do able.   What are your resolutions?


  1. Sounds like you have some good resolutions! I like savory puff pastry recipies myself--Tyler Florence has one on foodnetwork.com that is French and so so good.

  2. Those are great! I am wanting to entertain more this year as well, I guess that would be one of my resolutions.

    As far as your #13 - When we were kids, on Christmas Eve, before we went to bed, my mom would light all the candles in the living room/dining room (she loves candles and has a ton of holiday ones) and then turn out the lights and listen to and/or sing Christmas carols. I used to love that as a kid, I will have to see if we can do that again this year! Thinking back on it now, I think it was all part of her plan to get us to calm down and go to bed. ;)