Thursday, March 17, 2011


All of my seed ordering has been done for about a month.   In 2009, Mac and I decided that we would only plant non GMO and heirloom seeds and that we would try and learn to save seeds.   We found a site (Council for Responsible Genetics) where you seed companies have signed a pledge as to whether or not they sell genetically modified seeds.    So last year we only bought seeds from companies that signed this list.   But, there was one particular company I fell in love with - Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds - and this year all of my seeds came from them, they have the largest collection of heirloom seeds in the country.    I am going to do a separate post about what we ordered... but check out their website... they are fantastic.

We also tried our hand at saving seeds...spending  the summer collecting some seeds and this year we planted -  with our fingers crossed - an entire flat of saved seeds.  We have already had success with our seed saving - I let my lettuce bed go to seed at the end of the summer and in the fall I cut all the flowers and sprinkled them into the bed.   We now are watching lettuce come up... and will be eating it by April. 

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