Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Viva la food cart

I am in love with the food cart trend, of course my favorite in Denver is Biker Jim's.   But today I coaxed some of my coworkers into trying a the new cart in town... the wood fired pizza cart... genius, right?   Brava Pizza and boy is it delicous, they even passed out some samples - I tried mushroom, goat cheese and truffle oil and then settled on a sausage pizza because they are using products from Mondo Vecchio and I wanted to try some more of their fantastic italian sausage.   God the pizza's were so good.

I think my second career will involve a food cart.   I have often thought of what my cart would serve and really only one thing came to mind - PIE.   Can you imagine a Pie Cart... serving hand pies filled with your favorite fruits and maybe a few savory fillings like: chicken pot pie; zucchini and mushroom; or an empanada... you really can't go wrong with pie.    Get ready folks I think pie is going to be the new cupcake.

Of course my cart would be a vintage Shasta Trailer.   No... I haven't thought about this much AT ALL.

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  1. there is a little pod of carts near my apartment. guess which one is the most popular? fried pies! they just won cart of the year so you're definitely on to something. carts are hot in pdx right now.