Friday, September 3, 2010

Mixed Tape: August 2010 Edition

Picture from The Vaselines MySpace Page

Howdy friends.   Thought I would take a minute and let you all know what I have been listening to this past month.   As you can see I finally scored Florence and the Machine's cover of Addicted to Love.    I am really in love with The Vaselines even though I hadn't listened to them since the 80's after they broke up and really didn't realize they had actually reunited and released any new material..   I know, I know what you are thinking, pshaw what kind of music fan is she?    So I dedicated myself to listening to their more recent releases this month.    Check them out, on myspace (they did a great little video called The Vaseline's on The Vaseline's).   And I added one of their older songs on to this months playlist!

1.   When the Sun Don't Shine - Best Coast
2.  Addicted to Love - Florence and The Machine
3.  Seattle - The BPA
4.  Mongrel Heart - Broken Bells
5.  Chemicals - Lodger
6.  Lights on - The Pierces
7.  King of the Beach - The Waves
8.  Monster(bleep) - The Vaselines
9.  Sex with and X - The Vaselines
10. Miss You - The Dynamics
11. Oh-lala - Saint Privat
12. Memories - Waldeck
13. Le Shin - !Dela Dap
14. To Dry Up - Wax Taylor

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  1. I love lights on... It's up there with closer ;)