Thursday, August 12, 2010

4 Goals

So... it is funny sometimes how things come a long at just the right moment.   I was just having an email discussion with some of my girlfriends about developing future career strategies.   We picked a date and decided that we would each formulate, in our own ways, how we would like our careers to look in the future.   A few hours later I was reading Ms. Elsie's Blog, A Beautiful Mess, where she is proposing a blog challenge: Make 4 Simple Goals to accomplish by the end of the year... the catch is... they have to be activity oriented not result oriented.   Perfect for ME...who needs a bit of inspiration.   So... I have thought about mine and here they are:

1) Learn to knit and do it without being anxious.   For some weird reason whenever I have tried to knit in the past it has made me VERY anxious.   I would like to try again, but in a more zen fashion.

2) Learn some (more) french....apprendre le français

3) Take more pictures of everyday life.   (I am taking this from Elsie).   I used to take pictures all the time, I carried my camera in my purse and it was used constantly.   Now that I have a larger non-purse friendly camera ergo I have really gotten away from taking random photos.   Not so good.

4)  Do something creative everyday.   Just something small, doesn't have to be perfect, be it post-it note origami... just a bit of creating everyday.    I need to step out of the left brain humdrum of my daily routine... mix it up.

Thanks so much Elsie... you are the perfect muse... motivating and inspiring (like reading your lovely blog wasn't enough!)


  1. Very interesting! I just might have to jump on your band wagon! (Is that one or two words?)