Wednesday, August 25, 2010


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I have been hiding out for a while.   Life has been super busy (and messy) and I have a lot of loose ends hanging out in the wind.   So many in fact, that I have just wanted to pull the covers over my head and not think about any of them.   DENIAL... it is beautiful and has saved my sanity this past two months.   But, at some point you have to push for resolution.   Mac and I were facing: relocating out of the country for Mac's job; his ever-pending retirement from the military; selling two houses, one of which needs quite a bit of work; going out town for work for an extended period of time; and actually planning our own nuptials.    And not being able to go forward on any of them... because making a decision on one required a resolution on another... we have been stuck.   So... this weekend we made a decision to not relocate, thus allowing for us to make decisions on the other pending issues.   And I am starting to feel better.


  1. yay, good job making a step forward! i'm so glad you won't be leaving us. i have felt the same way lately and have no energy to blog. good for you for keeping it up. i've decided i'm taking the summer off and will reconvene this fall. hope i get to see you soon!

  2. I have really missed your blog!!!

  3. thanks, me too. i just need to get back at it but i have been so busy. will try to get some posts up this week!