Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Project: Convertible/Infinity Dress

Dresses above are available at Butter by Nadia

My current project involves (hopefully) making a beachy dress to wear to my sisters wedding. I have been in love with the convertible dress for a few years now... and I have even made one, it was out of jersey knit - not really appropriate for a wedding even if it is on a beach.   These dresses are ridiculously easy to make I am now trying to locate some high quality jersey satin, which I am finding is the biggest challenge in reproducing these dresses. 

Now there are two options in creating your convertible dress (aside from the fullness or length of the skirt) and one is to create the skirt and attach the top pieces to the skirt OR to just attach a trim piece to a larger cut of fabric and the whole thing becomes your dress (the all in one version). I have made the former and recently stumbled across the other option, which is a fantastic less formal option, read: beach cover up.

Youtube video's below show the different in the two styles AND demonstrate the varying tying techniques.
Also let me know if you know where I can get some nice satin jersey.

Styling instructions for the convertible wrap dress by Barbarella Vintage. (this is the full skirt version). Although each style is demonstrated in a different Youtube video...

Twisted Straps

The Strapless

The Front Twist Halter

The One Shoulder

The BatWing

The Capped Sleeve

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