Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Because I am dying to find out...

what she does all day while I am out bringing home the bacon.   I have imagined that she is throwing wild parties and twittering!   I always ask her if she will do the dishes/laundry/yard work while I am off at work and she never does. 

Alas... now I can find out.

This is a digital camera that clips onto your pets collar!   You can set the timer to take a shot at your chosen intervals so I can finally see what that beast is doing all day!   She is so busted.

Buy it here.


  1. omg I would love to buy this! how funny!

  2. it is probably better in our imaginations... I am sure I would end up with 50 close-up shots of my sheets!! ha ha

  3. too funny! i need to check this out, although i'm a little afraid to see what they do all day long since my landlord lives below me (i'm sure they are very loud).

  4. So, were you able to get some good images, or were they all of your sheets?