Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The girl crush...

Don't know why I always develop crushes on english cooks... especially the girls.   Oh... I am always wishing I had access to the BBC.

Sophie Dahl... I love her, don't know why. Maybe it is because I love her kitchen wallpaper; maybe because her grandfather wrote Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (and the Fantastic Mr. Fox); maybe it is because I just read one of her books and loved it (thank you Shelly... ).   Seems some people are up in arms because she has dropped some serious lbs. and because she is copying Nigellapshaw... let the woman be!

...maybe it is because Sia is playing during her cooking show or because she is cooking in a halter dress (like I garden in a Yard Dress).

Oh Nigella... you were the first English-Cooking girl I loved.   Now we all know why we love Nigella... because she eats bread pudding in bed and cooks bacon-tomato hash, in a cocktail dress, after coming home from a late night on the town.

Please note I have conquered the youtube issue....


  1. yes, yes! i love nigella and sophie. i like that they are voluptuous and beautiful and loooove to eat. i just got sophie's cookbook on saturday, you must get it. i've almost finished reading it cover to cover. and thanks for the shout out!

  2. Oh... you like her cookbook... I will get it.

  3. I love Rahl so I am very curious to check out Sophie! (stopping by from the sheet swap)

  4. yes, i love it.

    good job with the you tube, i still haven't figured it out!