Friday, January 22, 2010


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So a favorite past time of mine is brunch followed by a movie. Brunch in Denver is sometimes dicey as Denverites love them some breakfast so brunch locations are usually very busy and aren't convenient to our movie houses. We were going to a movie in Cherry Creek mall so eating in the area was important. I had read some reviews on Argyll sometime ago and had it on my list of places I needed to go.   This restaurant, like so many others in Denver lately is touting itself as a gastro pub - a British pub that specializes in high-end food.  I would personally describe it as casual comfort food and Argyll is delicious.

My companions and I, all eaters ordered different dishes: I ordered the house made corned beef; Swooze  the heavily endorsed mac and cheese; and Walshie the pumpkin french toast.  The corned beef was my least favorite, I thought it was a bit under seasoned and the toast they serve with it was small slices of baguette, not quite what I was wishing I cold sop up my egg and corny deliciousness with. The Mac and cheese was rich and divine, although I would not recommend ordering it as a main course as its uber-rich-cheesy goodness is a bit rich to consume as an entire meal. The pumpkin french toast was fantastic: homemade bread toasted and slathered with a pumpkin spread. They were a bit skimpy on said slathering, so I would also advise that you ask for some maple syrup (the waiter didn't offer any until almost the end of our meal).

Our drinks were great too. Walshie had a delicious concoction blended with champagne, gin and ginger syrup which made me long for summer (or at least some patio weather and this place could very likely be a great choice for patio drinking in the coming months); Swoose and I partook of the bottomless mimosa, which I mean really how can you go wrong, except for the fact they are offering a Mango Mimosa that doesn't actually have any real mango in it so it tastes a bit like Mango Kool-Aid Mimosa, but go for it if that is your thing. Seating was fast, I made a reservation for our brunch because we were on a movie schedule, but when I arrived most of the tables were empty. During my I-like-to-wander-and-look-at-other-peoples-food bathroom run, I spied some of the most delicious looking hand cut fries that made me want to come back for dinner... go to Argyll it is reasonably priced, not too crowded and delicious.

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