Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Beginning

So... I have to start somewhere. Alas, here it is the beginning of a blog. I have had this blog registered for about a month two months now and haven't done a thing with it. Well not exactly a thing, I have hemmed and hawed about a myriad of blog related topics: what would I write about; who will read this; how on earth do I create a pretty little "header" for my blog; will my punctuation be acceptable especially with my consistent over use of the suspension point; and how does one draft their first post - is it a mission statement? I have wanted to create a blog for sometime, I love blogs, but the question was would anyone like my blog? And does it really matter? Would having a blog help me focus my interests and not be so scattered? Would having a blog help me hone in - on taking better pictures, on completing all the endless projects I have going on at home; on a consistent writing project; or on documenting the food I make; and most importantly will the blog help me hire a maid?  All these details are just exhausting...Sweet Jesus, I feel like I have given birth.   So here it is... whether it will make me a better, more focused person we will never know.


  1. yes, yes and yes to all of the above. i'm so excited to finally see some posts. also can't wit to see your finished bathroom. congrats!

  2. brooke... can i just say that i love everything about you?

    i know that saying is probably over-used - and definitely makes me sound like a brown-noser - but... it's true. and when i read this post, i actually heard your voice in my head and could envision your facial expressions and hand gestures. and it's oh so FABULOUS, dahling! it makes me feel connected to your life while we're so disgustingly far apart from each other (even still...).

    i'm so impressed that you've taken on yet another "creative project" in your life! and damn girl! you just continue to become more and more interesting every year... but then, i wouldn't expect anything different from you!