Thursday, January 28, 2010

Even dogs have bad days

So my dear Moxie has had a rough week. It all started just over a week ago when we took her to the dog training area at Chatfield Reservoir. She LOVES it there: she can run around off leash into ponds and the river, truly a Dog Disneyland. Well we first arrived at the park I had to use the restroom (yucky port-o-potty) so Mox ran off to take her usual warm-up dip.  Once she headed back and we started our walk around the park, I noticed the side of her head and neck were soaked with blood, no crying or whimpering just the usual yellow ball fixation (hey just like Piper).   Well a dog bit a chunk (a bit less than half) of the poor creatures ear off and more importantly ruined her day at the park.  We had to leave the park immediately and hold her down to keep her from covering the car with blood (FYI ear wounds bleed a lot). So she was put on antibiotics and her owners (Mac and I) proceeded to over-compensate with the treats because we were feeling sorry for her... enter diarrhea.  arrgghhh.  To further torture the poor creature, I forgot she had a vet appointment scheduled before the Mike Tyson Dog attacked her to get a Microchip and a Rabies Test. Well the rabies test was a breeze but, holy cow I had no idea that they had to skewer the poor dog in the back to insert a microchip. Moxie jumped a foot in the air; cried like a car just ran her over; the shot flew across the room; so they had to poke stab her a second time.  Poor sweet Moxie.

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  1. oh our poor moxie pooh! so sorry she had such a bad day. what a mean doggie to bite her. she's the sweetest thing ever. give her kisses from me and lulu.