Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sliver, Serving and a Butler's Pantry

I do generally love to entertain.   It allows me to cook more often without the headache of too many leftovers.   One thing I would like to start doing is in the new year and beyond is to start a collection of silver serving pieces and candlesticks and hone my collection of white serving ware.   And finally my dream of having a beautiful butlers pantry that I saw this summer on Eddie Ross.   Just look at this, and of course it is in my color du jour turquoise (ok maybe it is a bit more blue than turquoise... but it is analogous).   Still Love, Love, Love it.... Need to start dropping the hints to The Fiance - New house + More Silver.

Not sure if I need to start any new collections in the new year.   But, really I don't have any collections.   Ok there is the Star Wars toy obsession of my youth but that collection is still with my parents.   I do have a big collection of cooking utensils but I really don't consider that a collection.   I have started a collection of white serving pieces but haven't really worked on adding to it in quite sometime.   I usually buy some whenever I have a party coming up - Wait I do have a party coming up... might need to buy some pieces.

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