Monday, July 12, 2010

Design Files: Chalkboard Paint

Picture from Alkemie

I have thought recently that the chalkboard paint trend was over, but last weekend in a design magazine I saw a new picture using chalkboard paint!  (Of course, now can't find said magazine nor can I remember which one it was... yes I have a magazine "problem" people but that is a whole other Oprah).  Maybe it isn't over... I have to tell you I love it.  It combines my love of black walls with a splash of utilitarian purpose. I personally LOVE my chalkboard wall.

How to make your own chalkboard paint:
Apartment Therapy
Martha Stewart - this link also has some great ideas for using it!!!

I have never used anything but the plain o' gray chalkboard paint... but I am fascinated by the new colored paint.   Buy it here at Hudson Paint.   Although I am wondering how well it works?

I found a ton of great images on the internet... Check them out

Picture from My Sweet Savannah
Picture from Sweet Grace

Picture from Alkemie

Picture from Anne Sage via Erik Johnson

Picture from Anne Sage via Marie Claire Maison via Erin Wilson

Picture from Make Magazine - tutorial is also available

Picture from Manolo Home

Picture from Ohdeedoh

Picture from ApartmentTherapy

Picture from Anne Sage via Noisette Family via Martha Stewart

 Picture from

Picture from

Picture from Desire to Inspire

Picture from

Sorry about the random "google" references. I have been using Pinterest to catalog my images... usually assuming that they are going to collect the correct reference information... well they didn't. Arrggh. I will re-trace my steps to find those sources...   

Edited to add: Sorry Pinterest... I figured it out.   It does just list the source, i.e. on my board but will actually go to the exact reference if you click on the link.   So I will apologize for my lack of computer skills... I was just so disappointed because I love Pinterest (and they know I do because I pin things now like it is my job) and really want it to work!!!   YEAH... it does work... I am just an idiot.


  1. Hi, I'm one of the founders at Pinterest -- and really glad you're using the site. We save the source URL for each pin, but is there other information that you'd want to have?

  2. Hi Paul... I figured out my blunder... I was only looking at the reference on my board for each picture, not actually clicking on it for a link.