Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Recipe: Sour Cherry Jam

Hi!   Sorry I have been AWOL.   It has been hot and I have been so uninspired lately.    I have also been distracted with large projects at the day job that have really sucked the life out of me.   I know... no excuse.  So... I did actually make jam with my sour cherries last weekend and it is delicious!  My favorite uses for all of my jams is to mix them into Greek Yogurt... it is delicious.   Try it, I promise you will love it.   Anyway, I did struggle with the jam, because it really didn't want to set up at all.   I followed David Lebovitz' recipe for cherry jam, which isn't exactly a recipe it is more of a guideline.    Which is actually exactly how I like to make my jams... a free-wheeling sort of jam making, that way I am not stuck to the notion that I really have to put three cups of sugar into my peach preserves, when it tastes perfectly delicious at two cups.  

So... tell me do you want a jar?   I will send you one.    Leave a comment by Sunday at 5pm (Mountain Standard Time) and I will pick a winner (randomly of course)... the catch is that you will have to tell me how you like it.    (Yes... girls you are all going to have to figure out how to comment on my blog... you know who you are... nice trick, eh?)


  1. Yes Brooke,
    This is your lovely sister, who is deprived and never gets any cool packages from you in the mail anymore.....

    pick me pick me......

  2. Geez, I'm a technotard... Can't I just text my feedback?