Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Outdoor Oven

I have wanted to build a outdoor oven for years.   Maybe it is my memories of the Horno's in New Mexico or maybe I am just too obsessed with all things cooking.   I have collected pictures and instructions and product sources in a folder that collects dust in my house.   But, I have never had room in my current yard.   Then Williams Sonoma came out with a portable one last year that I oogled for sometime, but holy 3 thousand dollars Batman... I can't do it.   I can't spend three thousand dollars on an outdoor oven.   I did find a tutorial for a portable one, of course, the instructions are in French and they built it on a wooden stand.   But, I have to tell you... putting a wood burning oven on top of a wooden stand doesn't sound like the best idea... maybe something is getting lost in translation and they layered the bottom of the wood oven with something BEFORE putting it on the wood stand....

(Picture credits: Maine Wood Heat; TripAdvisor; Masonry Stone Builders; Sunset Magazine; Maine Wood Heat; Masonry Stone Builders Gear Fuse; Brick Oven Tampa; Byron Lutz.)

Instructions/Research can be found here:

The Farm
Mother Earth News
Traditional ovens
Ozark Dreams -  there are many resources on this page including links to product sources and recipes
The Brick Oven Page - Tons of links here, including historical ovens
Breadhunter's Blog
Franks Pizza Oven
Network Earth - Building a Horno
Portable Cob (in French) - I have always wanted to build a "moveable oven" but I have always worried about building a wooden table for it... hmmmm
Pizza Oven build photos

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