Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sewing: Girly dresses

I made my friend Annabel two jumper dresses for her birthday.   I really like the pattern I used, Mcall's 5613, but I thought the sizing on the shoulder straps was a bit off, either that or the chest piece was designed to small... I think if I double the size of the chest piece it would be perfect.    It could just be that my sewing was off... it has been a few years since I have sewed anything other than a curtain, a cushion or a quilt and it really shows.    My gut reaction was to not place the buttons/buttonholes until I had her try them on... but I didn't listen.  

I think I am going to try the other version on this pattern.   I am also going to check the reviews of the pattern to see if anyone else thought the chest piece came out too small.

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