Saturday, November 13, 2010

Monitor vs. Iguana

Kaylee: I am not sure of the difference between a monitor and iguana and to be perfectly honest with you I haven't really been motivated to do any research on the subject.   I believe that an iguana is a desert animal, although we did see them in Costa Rica.     Mac and I had a discussion while kayaking that he thought they were the same... I disagreed and yesterday I saw a 70 pound one saunter out of the jungle and into the ocean and I am pretty sure that a) an iguana has a totally different head and cannot swim; and b) an iguana doesn't get as big as a monitor.

Here is the video.... ok I am having trouble uploading video.   I will try to post it on facebook.   Until then here is a photo.

Update: Facebook is a wash... couldn't load it and had to go through some "security" check because I was logging in from an unknown location.


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