Monday, November 8, 2010

Wedding trip - Day 4

view from bed

Today Mac and I woke up at 4 am... I opened the curtains hoping the sun would come up so I could enjoy the view... I read for a bit and dozed off until 8.   We showered and lounged around our hotel room, then went to breakfast.   Breakfast... sweet mother of all meals... was a buffet that included fresh squeezed juices, bircher muselix, homemade granola, yogurt and jams.   I died.

We spent the rest of the day deciding where our wedding ceremony would be held and lounging by the pool.   We ended the day meeting a baby elephant and eating thai food... I was in bed by 9.  

P.S. don't tell the Mox I am in love with a baby elephant.   Mac even made out with her, the whole time all I kept thinking about was that woman on the east coast who owned the chimpanzee who ripped off her friends face... ugh.

pool at our hotel

Pool area ato our hotel 

Location of where our wedding ceremony will be held. (Wedding will be on 11/11)  Hoping it will clear off.   Haze is from the Indonesian volcanic eruption.


  1. Have a fabulous day tomorrow!! Can the elephant be the ring bearer? Love you guys!

  2. Yay!!!! You got to meet a baby elephant - I am SO excited! Hilarious that all you could think of was the chimpanzee story - you crack me up! I am glad Mac was able to enjoy it. :)