Saturday, November 13, 2010

Wedding Trip: Day 8

Today we had planned on visiting the Wat Tham Seua (Tiger Cave Temple).   We told everyone at breakfast where we were headed and they all seemed shocked and told us that it was 1200 steps to the top.   I thought that wouldn't be a problem... I didn't realize that those steps lead up a Karst that was 300 m high and that some of the steps were almost vertical, much like a ladder leaning up against your house.

There were tons of monkees all around the Wat.    Some of the monks had them on leashes... weird

Anyone up for BBQ monkee

Then we started to climb.   and climb.   and climb.   About step 400 is when they got really steep and I didn't think I could go on... Mac told me I was being a puss and that I had to keep going.

Mac also thought it was funny to take photos of me in varying stages of MISERY.

Finally we make it to the top.   The view was well worth it.   They say that it requires strength and courage to visit the golden stupa.

photos of the top



  1. Did you bring your wedding dress with ya to the top? AMAZING!!! Very beautiful!

  2. Wow, wow, wow! Absolutely gorgeous! I'm so glad you made it - I think I would have had to take many breaks.