Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wedding Trip: Day 6

Today we went kayaking thru the mangroves of Ao Thalane.   I was beautiful.  Mac and I have visited so many mangrove forests in the world that we are practially experts on them and their importance to the ecological systems, most importantly they are vital to the survival of the reefs (just ask Australia) and we love the reefs..   One thing we didn't know, but learned on this trip is: a) they secrete an oil which plankton love to eat; and b) they injest 70% of salt they intake through the water.

Some information on mangroves here and here.

Southern Thailand is covered with Limestone hills, not quite hills they are cliffs that spring up everywhere... on land and sea.   These "hills" are constantly erroded by ground or sea water creating fantastic caves (or hong in Thai), this type of topography is called Karst, so sometimes they are referred to Karst cliffs.   Never the less they are stunning.   These limestone Karst are everywhere which is why rock climbing is huge here.

Limestone Karst in Southern Thailand

The question of the day was... what is the difference between a Iguana and a Monitor?

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