Monday, November 8, 2010

Wedding trip - Day 3

We had a bit of sleep... but either jet lag or excitement had us both up by 6:30.   We watched an hour or so of Aljazeera TV... which was an eye opener.   It is so surprising how "washed" our news is, which is both good and bad as I am not sure I could start everyday watching a man being smothered to death on TV but I would appreciate my news a bit less filtered. 

At 9 am we went and had breakfast and then toured the hotel to get a bit of exercise.  

Then back to the airport... the thought of getting on another airplane acutally made me sick to my stomach.  ugh.   Only for an hour (I keep telling myself).    They served a wonderful drink on the plane made with lemon and butterfly pea, no not butterfly pee... it is a flower, much like the hybiscus but this one makes a amethyst colored tea.   I loved it.    I have to remind myself to ask a Thai person what exactly butterfly pea is.

We rode the airplane to Krabi with a Thai woman who's leopard collared suit was accessorized with a leopard belt, purse, shoes, suitcase and dog carrier.   Her entourage of men carried all her luggage on board and buckeled her pomeranian into its own first class seat!   She had old lady hair... you know set in curlers, then picked our until it resembles a helment and finally shellaced with VO5.   She was cute.

We were quickly picked up by the hotel and escorted through the welcome platform.   (For those of you who want to see where we are staying it is here.)    We were welcomed with lemongrass iced tea and a symbolic thai welcome flower arrangement and there we met our butler, Joy.   I think both Mac and I were in shock.   This place is unusual... no front desk... everything you do is run through your butler.   We were given a tour of the facilities and then to our room.   The hotel and the grounds are stunning.  

Hotel pictures here

Welcome platform

We measured the hotel bed it is 12.5 feet long and 6.5 feet wide and fantastic.   There are floor to ceiling windows in front of Mac and another set to his right.   The set to his right is the door to the villa and the one's in front of the bet are a view to our pool and the jungle.   I took a video of the room for dear Kaylee, I will look at it and post it soon.


  1. It is absolutely gorgeous - I can't wait to see the video! I'm glad you made it and are having fun! :)

  2. yay! congrats to you on your wedding day. i can't believe the girl who was never getting married is taking the plunge. i'm so happy for you both. give mac my best and thanks so much for the great photos, keep em coming!