Monday, June 21, 2010

Design Files: Mac's Home Upgrades

So for a few weeks I have collected some photos for some inspiration for doing some upgrades to Mac's house.   Problem is... he has wood cabinets with a golden honey stain on them and we want to put some wood floors in the kitchen... what's the problem you might ask?   Well... contemplating design using multiple wood tones makes me want to crawl into a ball and rock in a corner.   Ergo, I have been collecting photos using multiple wood tones in kitchens... here they are... (there are also some that are using tile that are also included)

What do you all think about use of multiple wood tones in a room?   Let me know if you all stumble upon any more "inspiration" pictures...

All photos from Luxe Source

What do you think Mac?

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  1. i think if you use multiple wood tones, it's good to keep everything else really basic, like white walls. especially if the plan is to sell the house.