Monday, June 28, 2010

Pin it Forward...

The very talented Victoria, of sfgirlbybay (one of my favorite blogs ever) has organized a blog it forward event to introduce a new website called Pinterest.  Some 300 bloggers were organized into a daily blogging event to let each of us take turns expressing, what home means to each of us.

So, for the past month I have been monkeying around with Pinterest -  this site allows you to capture images to store in your own electronic bulletin boards, which you can then tag into categories.  Pinterest also keeps track of the original owner of the photo, so that you will always know where the image originated from.   This site was made for me and I am completely smitten.   The internet (and some of these fantastic bloggers in this event) have provided me with so much visual inspiration over the years and my previous method of organizing these images was to print them off, which is messy, time consuming and not very good for the environment.    Now I have an easy option to store all of the pictures that inspire me and can look at my pretties whenever and wherever I want.

What does home mean to me....

Home is a place to cook and share food 

Home is a place to laugh with your friends and family

Home is a place where you can rest and recharge

Home is a place to dig in the dirt

Home is a place to have parties in the garden

Home is a place to start and continue traditions

Home is a place filled with color

 Home is a place to create

Home is wherever these two are...

The blogger that tagged me to be next was Union Jack Creative.
Follow the progress by checking out tomorrow's blogger, The Hidden List.
One side note, one of my childhood friends and the woman who encouraged me to start my blog - I call her my blog muse - is following me in my blogging group on Wednesday...strange coincidence... I think not ,we are soul sisters.    Stop by and see her because I love her and her blog.

Here's the low down:
  • Victoria's own blog post on what home means to her
  • The entire "pin it forward" schedule and contributors
  • All of the "What Home Means to Me" boards on Pinterest
  • Here are all of my Pinterest boards

    Photo sources can be found on my pinterest boards, here.


      1. So wonderful! Completely gorgeous photos and I agree with your sentiments. Truly lovely...Thank you for sharing. I'm so happy to "meet" you, and to have found your beautiful blog.