Friday, June 25, 2010

There are places I remember...

For the past month I have been pondering the concept: What does home mean to me?   I have also been introduced and allowed to tinker with a new internet site called, Pinterest; and joined a blogging group which asked each of us to use that tool to visually describe - What exactly home means to me...

So my official Pinterest "What Home Means To Me" day isn't until Monday... but I had a lot to say on this subject so I thought I would make it a two part-er. 

Now aside from the obvious structures and furnishings that make up a home, home is also a place or a smell or a skyline.  I have lived in many wonderful places and bits and pieces of them have all felt like home to me.... here is tour, in order of course...

 Albuquerque, NM

Flea Market
Roasting Green Chili in the fall
oh... red chili cheese enchiladas
Smell of rain on hot asphalt

 Farmington, NM

Smell of Russian Olive Trees
Smell of the Mall
Taste of Lotaburger
Smell of the ballpark

 Roswell, NM

Smell of Semichrome and Never Dull
Taste of cafeteria food
Smell of the mailroom
Smell of the Sally Port Hotel
View of the small city skyline while driving into the town after dark

 Houston, TX

French Onion Soup
Smell of a Pool Hall
Shoe Stores

 Washington, DC

Taste of Chesapeake Bay Seasoning
Smell of a very old school
Smell of the Metro
Row Houses

 San Francisco, CA

Smell of very ripe strawberries
Smell of the ocean
Produce on every corner

 Denver, CO

Smell of snow
view of the mountains on a clear day
the sunsets and thunderstorms

Wonder where my next stop will be or if there will even be a next stop, but I know where I would like it to be...

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