Thursday, February 18, 2010

Jar Love

In my furious reading of all books on canning and because stores in Denver haven't restocked canning jars for the summer season, I have started looking at online sources for canning supplies and lusting after these jars.  

(My Favorite - Weck Jars)

(More Weck)

(Leifheit Jars)

I realize that the USDA recommends:  Jars with wire bails and glass caps, clamp-on type lids, one piece lids, or old-fashioned rubber ring seals are no long considered safe for home canning. Old canning jars make a charming presentation or attractive storage containers for dry foods, but don't use them for canning. One-piece lids, Zinc lids or porcelain-lined caps are also no longer recommended. The latter are no longer manufactured, having been supplanted by modern, two piece vacuum lids with rubber seals built into them.   That being said I see their point (or should I say, I see their lawyers point) in recommending proper food saftey.  But... Europeans have used these jars for a gazillion years.   I'm just sayin'... I love raw milk cheese too!


  1. have you tried restaurant supply stores?

  2. That is a good idea!!! Thanks I would have never though to look there. How are you? Hope all is well!