Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Superbowl Snacking

I have really lost interest in watching football ever since I read an article that stated there is actually only 12 minutes of actual action in a football game. Talk about lending some perspective to sitting on the couch and watching life pass you by! I have too many things I want to do, books to read, movies to watch and friends to visit to sit and watch another game.  I do however, love listening to sports on the radio and I really love game time eating: superbowl snacks; ballpark hotdogs; and tailgating.

I recently read this article in Food and Wine magazine and dog-eared the page as a possible Super bowl snack selection. I loved the idea of offering a few different types of wings, but to be honest I had a hard time deciding on which to make. I finally made Mac choose: classic, ginger-honey, mango-curry, old bay and Thai green curry. Since it was just he and I snacking I only made a few of each type. The Thai green curry was replaced by peanut satay wings, because the green curry paste I used was super salty and disgusting - I just couldn't bring myself to pour it over the wings.  So I whipped up a quick satay sauce to toss them in.

The results were outstanding.  My favorites in order where: ginger-honey, mango-curry, classic, old-bay and satay.    One thing I loved about these recipes were that the wings were baked in the oven and not deep fried, yet they turned out crispy and delcious without any rubbery chicken skin!  

Classic Hot Wings
Ginger-Honey Wings
Mango-Curry Wings
Old Bay Wings
Thai Green Curry Wings

Wing recipes from the article which I didn't try, but will very soon!

Jamacian Jerk Wings
Maple Chipotle Wings
Sweet & Sticky Wings

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