Monday, February 8, 2010

Twisted Olive: Friday night dinner

Mac and I ate dinner out last Friday and we tried out a new(ish) restaurant Twisted Olive. It is in my neighborhood and sounded great - Twisted Olive: is an ultra lounge with a full service restaurant and bar. Nightly Features and Themes include Mediterranean dinner creations. We got to the restaurant at about 8:00 and were seated immediately, which is amazing because the restaurant has only around five non-bar tables, which might be an inaccurate estimate because of the live music and the crowd that was there. The live music was great, but not fun for a couple trying to have a relaxing Friday evening dinner (I can only blame myself for the lack of appropriate research.)   But the music was great and everyone seemed to be having a great time.  We were tucked away in cubby type tables, which were nice but not decorated for maximum comfort: there where high back chairs where there should have been upholstered benches and there were doors to the outside that were inside each cubby that were horribly drafty and I had to wear my coat the entire meal.

The drinks, were superb as advertised this place is a true martini bar.   There were a ton of martini's on the menu and every single one of them we tried was delicious.

The food, well despite the unusual dinner atmosphere the food was excellent. I had a hamburger Panini with one of the best ceasar salads and Mac had the grilled salmon (Salmon on Puff Pastry, topped with a White Wine Butter sauce, Tomatoes, Garlic, and Feta) which was amazing.   My only complaint about the food was dessert: I had the baked apple dessert, which was filled with what can only be described as canned apple filling and was raw and doughy in the middle. Mac had the strawberry ice cream sandwich, which was ice cream with strawberry meringue cookies and fresh strawberries.   When the plate arrived the strawberries that were on that plate were horrible, they looked like strawberries picked in January might.   They should have made a strawberry sauce instead which can be made with frozen strawberries then their would be a flavorful sauce and you wouldn't have to place a green-tasteless strawberries on a dessert plate.

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