Monday, February 22, 2010

Weekend... movies and eating

For the past four days it has done nothing but snow in Denver. I am so over winter right now I can hardly go outside... scraping my windows, wearing winter shoes, jackets and snow shoveling. YUCK. I did however leave the house because this weekend was the start of Restaurant Week here in Denver. It is an opportunity to try out different restaurants via a prix fix menu. This weekend we chose Indulge, a quaint little French restaurant that is serving delicious food.  My selections were: a beet and fennel salad, roasted duck and finished with poached pear and ice cream with a chocolate sauce (I just wish the chocolate sauce was dark not milk chocolate). Mac chose a crab and avocado salad, scallops and ended with a crème brulee duo. The food here was terrific. The roasted duck came with shoestring potatoes tossed in acidic dressing that was a perfect foil to the crispy rich duck. One of my favorite things about this menu was their version of a Manhattan. Now, if you know me you know I do not like whiskey, scotch or any of their kind. But this Manhattan was made with a splash of St. Germain Liqueur…I cannot even start to describe how fabulous this drink was - I can only say that it is just brilliant. I am going to try and make one at home and come up with a recipe for us all to enjoy.  Another side note the wine list at Indulge is outstanding….all French and all very well picked (and priced)!

I also tried out the new HBurger,. I went for a quick bite before a Sunday movie, we were rushed and didn’t get to try out their touted milkshakes. But, their burgers were delicious; we only had the regular 1/4lb burger, nothing fancy for us.  They had some technical difficulties with our order, but the manager and staff were courteous and apologetic.  I will definitely be coming back to try another.

I am close to the goal of having watched all of the  Oscar Nominated movies… Here is what we saw this weekend.


  1. I don't envy you and your weather. I'm in Charlotte, NC, we have had the strangest winter yet. We were snowed in for 2 weekends in a row with the weekdays being sunny. It rained all day today with temps in the 40s and tomorrow we are supposed to have sunshine and 60s. Go figure. Also, it's good to see another new food related site around.

  2. Thanks Martha. I am still trying to get my bearings. I look forward to checking out your blogs! And yes, I am jealous of the 60 degree weather you all are having...