Tuesday, March 30, 2010

2010 Spring Cure: Week 2

I have been trying to stay diligent and focused on my Spring Cure Duties.

Deep Treatment Duties
Clean Kitchen
Prepare and Outbox
Fix something yourself

One Room Treatment
Create a Floor Plan

How I did...

Well I did clean my kitchen, but not quite to the extent that was required by Apartment Therapy.   I gutted and indexed my freezer; I mopped the floors; I wiped down the cabinets.   I missed: cleaning out the cabinets and drawers; cleaning the wood blinds (holy gross); cleaning the windows; and cleaning my spice rack.    Result: lose.

Creating my Outbox is easy... I have a constant pile in the garage for donation, the hard part for me is getting it to the Salvation Army.  Result: win.

Fix something myself.   Well...I finished patching and taping the drywall in the bathroom.   Result: win

Create a floor plan.   I did draft a floor plan for each of the rooms I would like to tackle.   I know know the furniture and other items that I will need to complete the project.   Now I just need to find the pieces.   Result: win.

Bedroom Floor Plan

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