Monday, March 15, 2010


It is nice to get away during those long weeks when you are longing for spring and realize that the snowiest month in Colorado is March (Mac will disagree with me of course and say April, but still)!  So we spent the weekend in Tucson enjoying the sun, the Sonoran Mexican food and some softball.

A few places worth mentioning: Lerua's where they served the most fantastic green corn tamales, they were sweet, spicy and unforgettable; and Daisy Mae's where they cook your steak outside on a mesquite fired wood pit and serve it with pinto beans laced with green chile... the best steak I have ever had. And good news Denver... the owner is considering putting a location near Coors Field (mainly because I think most of the Rockies live at this restaurant during spring training)!  Coloradans will be lining up to eat here and we won't be able to get in the door!!

Had a great weekend but it was too short and came home to snow... yuck.

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