Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Last week I ordered some wallpaper samples from Tangletree Interiors to add to my bedroom renovation project.   I would like to use one of these papers on one wall or maybe to cover the back of some bookcases to give the room a bit of color.   Tangletree is awesome: their samples are cheap and shipping is reasonable, especially since it is coming from the UK.   I can't wait to see my selections in person.   What do you all think?

The last picture listed is Osborne & Little, Boheme in Tamara, which is one of my favorite wallpapers ever.   It was used in a pattisserie/confiserie I used to frequent in San Franciso when I lived there... I went there so much I couldn't figure which I loved more - the wallpaper or the sweets.   The store was called Miette...

(Miette Pictures from Yelp)

(Miette Picture from Urban Baby)

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