Thursday, March 18, 2010


I have been loving a new site I stumbled upon called, which is all about cooking and gardening (oh and some canning).   I have learned so much from them, for example I always thought a Victory Garden was a show on PBS, it is not.

DigginFood also has some great trellis ideas on their site.   I need some trellis ideas, my tomato cages aren't working and I am quickly running out of space.

Haven't quite figured out what this trellis is made of....
(Photo from Country Living)

These are the trellises I intend to make... I have the wood, I have the mesh, I have the hinges... now I just need the time.
(Image from

I have slowly been running out of garden space and I have been trying work in some vertical gardening into my space. This is the best idea yet... they have used welded wire mesh, the kind used in concrete and attached it to the fence. I will be doing this, as I believe I have some of this sitting around leftover from my concrete countertop project.   (The only problem with using this material is that it is SO hard to cut).
(Image from

(Image from

Here an old window is used as a trellis.

There is even a tutorial here for this container trellis.

Ok, this is a random picture in my trellis montage... but who doesn't want a salad table?

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