Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Cure 2010 Week One: Creating Your Vision

(picture from Apartment Therapy)

The Apartment Therapy Cure provides two different options for participation: Deep Treatment and a One Room Cure.   I have chosen to do a bit of both.   Involving spring cleaning, as a deep treatment for my house and a One Room Cure, working on remodeling my bathroom and redecorating my bedroom.   As usual, I have probably bitten off more than I can chew, which is normal for me... so I am sure something will have to give as the weeks progress.    The assignments for the week were:

Week One: Deep Treatment - Whole apartment: clean, list repairs and remove (edit) one item from your home, sadly that went into the garage Goodwill pile, so the task isn't really complete.   I have created the list of repairs for my house and I can tell you it is so long and extensive that it has completely overwhelmed me.   I will need to address those one room at a time, granted the list includes all repairs, many of which are add switch plate to kitchen light... so they are not in the category of big gaping hole in living room needs to be fixed.

Week One: One Room Remedy - Create vision and check budget.   My vision is complete for the bathroom.   Budget on the other hand is an entirely different thing all together... I will do what I can.   My bedroom is progressing a bit slower.   I am waiting on the wallpaper samples hoping I can get some color inspiration from them...

On to week two.

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