Thursday, March 11, 2010

Focus Brooke, Focus...

I have spring fever in a bad way and I have been itching to not only plant seeds but clean my windows; organize my drawers and cabinets; pull out my outdoor furniture; paint my house; redecorate my bedroom; and clean the closets.   The Spring Cure is starting again over at Apartment Therapy.   I signed up for the Fall Cure last September and failed miserably and this time I am determined to stick it out and finish it all up.   So I will state my intentions here for you all to witness...  I state and affirm, I will finish the bathroom and redo my bedroom... I will keep my eye on the prize and not be distracted by sunshine and/or by friends bearing bottles of wine on warm Saturday afternoons. 

Above is a picture of my gutted bathroom... as it looked after we took off all of the plaster and lathe.   Admittedly, that was sometime ago and although it has progressed it is not finished (we have had a lot of gliches with this project and christmas did get in the way a bit too).  

Other projects I need to work on: finish recovering my outdoor furniture; clean the garage; find a new dresser and nightstands (and hopefully silver leaf one or all of them... loving all things silver and gaudy); and rake the poop filled yard.

I am headed out for a weekend in Tucson, Arizona to meet my family for a few days of warmth and softball/baseball.   I have my flip-flops and my Apartment Therapy book packed so I can read the first assignment.

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  1. oh so jealous of your trip to Tucson. Have a great time and soak up some extra sun for me!